Wednesday, February 3, 2016

sorted to the wrong house:(

sooo i'll just write a few words
cause i know i'm not that good in writing tho.
okay so i've been watching harry potter movie since i was about 4 or maybe 5
and which harry potter fans that wouldn't like to know which hogwarts house they're belong if they're a real hogwarts student?
i'm starting taking these hogwarts house quizzes since i was 12,and the results is always the same; ravenclaw.
i always got ravenclaw!!
maybe i'm intellectual lucky enough >w<
but i don't really think so,cause there's no any single test that i don't get Ravenclaw as my house.
here are the few screenshot,i'll show you

you guys believe now,right?
buttttt,yesterday when i get bored i try to make pottermore account and taking it's hogwarts house quiz.
confidently believing that i'll get the same house i always get on every quizzes,ravenclaw that always been part of my potter world since 4 years ago<3
actually,i'm a bit upset and desperately hoping that i can change the result so badddlllyyyyyyyy:(
because this time,my 'house' is..............

honestly,i'm about to cry...........
wondering "so what i've been through is a ......lie?

lol too much drama.

eventually,i won't open my pottermore account again. no. never. it hurts a lil' bit xD
deep in my heart,i know that i'm a Ravenclaw!
though Slytherin was a great house,they have so many talented and powerful wizards,have the best and the most cool common room (in my opinion,my favourite common room is slytherin's)
it's still not my real house.
Ravenclaw forever.

"Because no matter what people say, you’re a true-blue Ravenclaw and you’re smart enough to know you’re in the best Hogwarts House."

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